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As one of Maui's premier dive operators, we at Maui Pacific Divers are dedicated to offering both novice and experienced divers exceptional and personalized diving experiences around Maui's breathtaking waters through our private scuba diving in Maui.

Exceptional Dive Experiences: Our commitment at Maui Pacific Divers is to excellence, safety, and environmental stewardship. We cater to divers of all levels, providing services that range from beginner dives to advanced explorations.

Customized Dive Tours: We understand that every diver has unique interests and skill levels. Therefore, we offer customized dive tours that are tailored to provide the best diving experience based on current conditions, diver experience, and specific interests. Whether it's exploring vibrant coral reefs, navigating historic wreck sites, or seeking encounters with unique marine life, we ensure a memorable dive.

Professional and Experienced Staff: Our team consists of highly trained, experienced dive instructors and guides who are passionate about diving and marine conservation. We prioritize safety and enjoyment, focusing on small group sizes for a more intimate and personalized diving experience.

Dive Training and Certification: For those looking to begin or advance their diving journey, we offer a range of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses. From beginner certifications to advanced and specialty courses, our training is thorough, adhering to the highest standards of safety and education whilst scuba diving Maui.

High-Quality Equipment: We understand the importance of reliable and comfortable gear for an enjoyable dive for scuba diving Maui. Therefore, we provide top-of-the-line equipment for rent, ensuring it is regularly serviced and updated.

Commitment to Conservation: At Maui Pacific Divers, we are deeply committed to the preservation of Maui's marine ecosystems. We actively participate in local conservation efforts and educate our divers on sustainable and responsible diving practices.

Accessibility and Convenience: Conveniently located with access to some of Maui's best dive sites, we make it easy for divers to explore the Pacific Ocean's wonders. Our flexible scheduling and comprehensive services are designed to cater to both local and visiting divers who want to scuba dive Maui.

Choosing Maui Pacific Divers for your diving adventure in Maui means selecting a team dedicated to providing exceptional experiences. Our focus on professional expertise, personalized service, and environmental preservation ensures that your dive with us will be a highlight of your Maui experience.

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Maui is renowned for its diverse and thrilling dive sites, appealing to beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced divers. Some of our most notable sites include:

Olowalu's "Mother Reef": This site is famous for its sprawling coral formations and abundance of marine life. Ideal for beginners, it provides a relatively easy dive with plenty of opportunities to see a variety of fish and other sea creatures while scuba diving Maui.

The Carthaginian: This replica of a whaling ship, which once was a feature of Lahaina's harbor, now serves as an artificial reef. Diving here is an intriguing blend of history and marine biology. The site is suitable for intermediate divers and offers a unique experience of exploring a shipwreck combined with the thriving marine ecosystem it supports.

Coral Gardens: This site is known for its extensive coral formations and abundant marine life. This is a great beginner-intermediate site, offering widely varying coral.  We see dolphins and manta rays here on occasion, and it’s a great site to hear whales during whale season.

Five Caves / Five Graves: Located near Makena, this site is renowned for its series of underwater caves teeming with sea turtles, reef sharks and various tropical fish. It's an excellent spot for underwater photography while scuba diving Maui.

Red Hill (Pu'u Ola'i): Located at the base of the picturesque cinder cone that defines Makena, this dive site features archways, a swim through, and several unique species of eels: the dragon morray and henshaw eel.  This is often enjoyed as a drift dive, but it can also be done from a mooring for beginner divers.  With plentiful schools of fish, snorkelers are also never disappointed. Depths 35-50.

WWII Helldiver Wreck: Diving this site is like taking a step back in time. The Helldiver is a sunken World War II aircraft, now home to an array of marine life. It's an intermediate dive site, offering both historical interest and natural beauty.

Honolua Bay: Situated on the northwest shore of Maui, this bay is a Marine Life Conservation District, known for its clear waters, healthy coral, and diverse fish population. It's a great spot for both snorkeling and diving.

Airport Beach (Kahekili Beach Park): This dive is known for its abundance of marine life, including numerous turtles.

From dramatic underwater bathymetry to vibrant coral reefs and marine life, Maui's dive sites are a treasure trove for divers. 

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