For our Maui Community:

In this time of grief, our boat is at your service.
Please reach out if you know an 'ohana impacted by the fires who would find some peace by being on the water. If our boat can help with a memorial, we are also at your service. We offer these for free, as our resources allow.

Please help us heal our island!

how we are helping Maui:

• We helped transport emergency supplies when access to West Maui was cut off after the fire.

• We are offering our boat to the community for memorials on the water

• We are offering our boat to those deeply affected by Maui's fires as a way to find solace on the water. If a snorkel trip for a family, or a sunset on the water, helps people breathe and heal even a little, then we are doing our job.

• We are providing boat support to Maui Nui Marine Resource Council to collect near shore water testing data for Lahaina and South Maui (where acres of grassland also burned).

• Beyond our business, Maggie's parents live in the neighborhood hit by the Kula fire. Their house survived, but we have been assisting extended family who lost everything.


Crew ready to depart with emergency supplies for West Maui

Maui Pacific Divers is just Captain Mikal (who built the boat), and Maggie (who crews, answers the phone and emails), and of course our community of dear friends in Maui's dive and boating community. We all pitch in to help each other when needed. Many of our friends in Lahaina and Kula lost homes, jobs, boats, businesses, and more. We'd love to be busy enough to hire them.

We only launched our business last April after Mikal spent two years building our boat. Our harbor in Ma'alaea survived the fires.

We have this fantastic vessel, and we we want to use it to help our community.


Captain Mikal unloading emergency supplies to the jetskis who ferried them to the shore.

As a small business, we will donate as much of these services as we can, but with your help, we can do more.

How can you help:

Book a charter with us!
Your business allows us to keep helping our island and community.

Purchase a gift certificate for a family affected by the fires.
You can either gift this certificate to someone specific, or simply pay it forward, and we will find a family to sponsor on your behalf. We will apply all gift cards for fire survivors at double their value.

water testing

Towing a device to gather water quality data after the fires, before it rains.