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Paikea is a 38ft, custom built rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB), custom designed and built by Captain Mikal. The boat is designed with open seating, allowing passengers unobstructed views or to enjoy each other’s company. Among other custom details, the engine on Paikea is mid-ship, rather than an outboard that hangs off the back. This results in a swift and well-balanced boat that offers a smooth ride! Paikea is fast! We can make it to Lana’i in an hour! That said, we like to go at your speed, and your comfort and utmost enjoyment is our goal.
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Meet Mikal and Maggie

Mikal worked on SCUBA boats. He knew then that someday he would run a dive company of his own. During his thirty year architecture career, he also became a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, and a commercial captain. While along this journey, he studied boats, and over time, planned and designed Maui Pacific Divers’ versatile adventure vessel.

Epic building projects like this come naturally to Mikal. He is a sculptor, loves building treehouses, and will sometimes point out oceanfront houses of his design. His next project is a submersible ROV!

The other half of the duo, Maggie organizes your booking and makes sure all the details are just right for your trip, and then she jumps aboard as crew! As with Mikal, Maui Pacific Divers is her second career. Maggie is an artist and educator, using art to help Maui’s youth more deeply engage with the ecology of their island home. She was born and raised in Upcountry Maui and often shares stories about the island and the work being done to care for its diverse habitats. Sometimes she even brings her watercolors along on the boat to paint the views that can only be enjoyed from the ocean.

The Maui Pacific Divers' Mission

We craft personal connections, custom experiences, and incredible memories.

Mikal and Maggie have hand-crafted this business, and they hand-craft every charter to give you the experience that you seek, whether a scuba expedition, or a family whale watch.

Just as Mikal designed and lovingly built the boat, and Maggie shares about the depth of history and beauty of the island, they take care of every detail of your private charter so that you can soak in the beauty and adventure that Maui’s waters offer.

When people are inspired by the beauty hidden below the waves, they are inspired to care for it and protect it, and to share that beauty with others, so they will too.
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